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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • British Thyroid Foundation

    Self help Patient Support Group for Thyroidism
  • Hypothyroidism Support Group

    Reassurance by letter or telephone to adults and children with too little thyroid hormone.
  • International Thyroid Group

    helping people who have difficulty in getting a diagnosis and/or correct treatment for thyroid disorders
  • The British Thyroid Foundation

    Support and information. Regional groups. Campaigns to promote awareness with the general public and medical profession
  • Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust(TEDct)

    Patient information, advice and a newsletter for those with thyroid-related eye problems.
  • Thyroid Foundation of North Cumbria (TFNC)

    The TFNC is a support organisation run by thyroid sufferers and volunteers, to give help to those with a thyroid disorder and their families, who often also need support to learn and understand the condition.
  • Thyroid Patient Advocacy

    Thyroid Patient Advocacy‟s (TPA) avowed aim, since its inception, has been to achieve universal recognition and acceptance for the establishment of a correct protocol for the diagnosis and management of those with symptoms of hypothyroidism.
  • Thyroid Self Help Group

    We are a self-help group for those suffering from thyroid disease (both hypo and hyper). We meet in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire, every two months. Members and their guests can ask questions and meet others who also suffer from symptoms such as intolerance to heat and/or cold, brain fog, joint...
  • Thyroid UK

    Providing information and resources to promote effective diagnosis and appropriate treatment for people with thyroid disorders in the UK
  • Wilson's Syndrome Group

    Raises medical awareness, collects data for research, offers support, counselling and contact with other sufferers if needed